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How it all began... Have you dreamed of staying engaged to your self-awareness, maybe had days where you thought you could not stay up another minute, but you knew that you had a project to finish and you needed to get that activity level up before you settle in?  This was me some years ago after a long week of 12 hour shifts. After a 7am shift I left work at 7:30pm headed to the gym so that I could get a 2 hour workout in before I head home.  But during my workout I couldn't stop thinking about home where I would work on my home business in which I applied art that I created to t-shirts. About 45 minutes into my workout a and felt like I couldn't continue because I was too tired. I needed motivation. I packed up my things and left the gym for home so I could work on something to keep me motivated.  I couldn't think of a better way to motivate myself than to just use the words came to mind. I use the words "motivation from within" and cut that out in vinyl (the process of sub lamination) and heat pressed (like a big flat iron) it onto a shirt for my workout the next day. After heat pressing the shirt I notice that I did not mirror (reverse) the typeset and so the shirt would read in reverse. Being tired and needing to take a shower and pack my bag for work the next day. I went to sleep with the mistake shirt neatly packed away. After work the next day at went to the gym put my mistake on and went to work out.  I noticed that my mistake had been exactly what I needed to fuel my Passion. The motivation I needed was right there staring me in the mirror. To this day we still create things that inspire us to dig deeper within ourself, be a better persons , and enlighten others. Thank you for letting us Inspire you to be the best you. We know you can do it. It is inside you to complete what you started. Who do you know that needs a little motivating? Who do you know that needs a little inspiration to "pushing the envelope"? If that person is you or you know someone who needs that push, check out our motivational selections.